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Accessible Legal Information

Subtitle A legal assistance video for all South Australians including those with a disability such as people with impaired hearing, vision or cognitive functioning.

The information is delivered verbally, in Auslan and with subtitles. Notably, the film caters to people with cognitive impairment, such as a brain injury, who have difficulty processing large amounts of visual information. The film is shot simply in black-and-white, edited at a very measured pace, and presents information clearly with minimal distractions.

CLC/Agency Legal Services Commission of South Australia
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Area of Law
  • Arrest, bail and going to court
  • Crime and offences
  • Discrimination and human rights
  • Family law and relationships
  • Going to court
  • Lawyers and the legal system
  • People with a disability
  • SA
Method of Delivery
  • Media campaign
  • Video
  • Workshop/s, seminar or forum
Project Type
  • Community Development
  • Community Legal Education
Project uploaded to CLEAR 20th September 2016
Contact Person Melanie Robinson
Contact Position Legal Education Officer
Contact Email
Contact Phone (08) 8111 5732
Production/Delivery Date 18/09/16
Languages Auslan.
Evaluation No

As this project has exceeded its review date it is recommended that the author/auspicing agency be contacted to confirm the currency of the information provided. 

Review Date 20th September 2017

Disclaimer: Laws and policies are often changing. We encourage you to check the currency of any laws or policies referenced in the above CLEAR project.

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