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1. Piano Forte
CLC/Agency: Suncoast Community Legal
Contact Person: Toni Wills
Date Added: 24-03-2017

Piano Forte is an educational theatre project that uses a fictional narrative to provide information about wills and Enduring Powers of Attorney whilst exploring the subtleties of elder abuse. It aims to arm seniors with legal information to help safeguard them from these types of abuse, as well as introduce the legal and support services available to help them.

2. ‘THIEF’ Mock Trial
CLC/Agency: Barwon Community Legal Service
Contact Person: Jillian Chapman
Jurisdiction: VIC
Date Added: 24-11-2016

We ran a mock trial for year 11-12 students at Geelong Court House.

3. Rights on Show 2016
CLC/Agency: Darwin Community Legal Service
Contact Person: Saskia Strange
Jurisdiction: NT
Date Added: 01-04-2016

Darwin Community Legal Service's 22nd human rights art award and exhibition will be held at the Darwin Supreme Court.

4. Know Your Rights
CLC/Agency: Central Australian Aboriginal Legal Aid Service
Contact Person: Vicki Gillick
Jurisdiction: NT
Date Added: 13-05-2015

Immersive legal education project based on 6 sessions of CLE with CAALAS STAFF. Participants are involved in scripting and performing a hip hop music video based on key legal messages discussed. See the YouTube link for the music video.

5. Kids' Law Drama Project
CLC/Agency: Peninsula Community Legal Centre
Contact Person: Andrea Staunton
Jurisdiction: VIC
Date Added: 16-12-2014

Working in partnership with a local secondary college, this pilot project involved Year 7 students creating their own "law drama project", with resourcing from Peninsula CLC, which was showcased to their peers in 2015.

6. You the Man - Law Week Event
CLC/Agency: Barwon Community Legal Service
Contact Person: Jillian Chapman
Jurisdiction: VIC
Date Added: 04-08-2014

To celebrate Law Week 2014, Barwon CLS in partnership with Deakin University, hosted a play entitled ‘You the Man’, addressing dating violence and bystander intervention and prevention.

You the Man is an engaging, entertaining, and results-based educational program that uses live theatre to empower students and community members —both male and female—to step out of the bystander role and practice safe peer intervention. This comprehensive dating violence prevention program is unique as it promotes a model of empathetic male voices and shows the incredible power of bystander support and action.

Following the play, the audience (made up of ...

7. Community Legal Guides Project
CLC/Agency: Northern Territory Legal Aid Commission
Contact Person: John Jablonka
Jurisdiction: NT
Date Added: 02-08-2013

Northern Territory Legal Aid Commission (NTLAC) and Anglicare NT's Refugee and Migrant Settlement Services (RAMSS) partnered on an innovative program to train community members from two emerging refugee communities as 'Community Legal Guides'.

Funded by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) Settlement Grants Program it used community development and participatory community legal education approaches to build the capacity of community members to understand their own legal problems and support others to seek help from the correct support system.

8. Family Law Hypothetical
CLC/Agency: Shoalcoast Community Legal Centre
Contact Person: Katie Lahodny
Jurisdiction: NSW Commonwealth
Date Added: 10-10-2012

This scenario was designed for a Family Law Pathways training session focusing on a hypothetical family and how their issues are dealt with by various agencies involved.

9. Cop This!
CLC/Agency: Northern Territory Legal Aid Commission
Contact Person: Melanie Robinson
Jurisdiction: NT
Date Added: 06-09-2012

When dealing with police it is important to know your rights. This package of resources includes a booklet, DVD and learning sequence which fits in with the NT Curriculum Framework for schools

10. Mock Court Plea for Sexting Offences
CLC/Agency: Gippsland Community Legal Service
Contact Person: Letitia Naidu
Jurisdiction: VIC
Date Added: 05-07-2012

Mock court plea in Children's Court for a 16-year-old charged with multiple sexting offences. Partnership with the local Children's Court (Registrar and Magistrate), Police Prosecutors and Victoria Legal Aid. Plea and 'sentence' is followed by a facilitated discussion by Gippsland Community Legal Service on the consequences of criminal records, sex offender register, employment and travel.

11. Sex, young people and the law (Law Week)
CLC/Agency: Loddon Campaspe Community Legal Centre
Contact Person: Charlotte Powell
Jurisdiction: VIC
Date Added: 07-05-2012

Free interactive session for young people: understanding their legal rights and responsibilities. A Q&A session for Bendigo students featuring a panel of solicitors / advocates, counsellors and sexual health workers. Students' questions will guide the lively discussion and debate on a range of issues such as consent (and the legal age of consent), teenage pregnancy, sexting, pornography, sexual assault, sexuality, gender and identity and contraception.

PDF 12. Legal Lingo Bingo
CLC/Agency: Eastern Community Legal Centre
Contact Person: Amy Johnstone
Jurisdiction: VIC Commonwealth
Date Added: 03-05-2012

This interactive game explores a range of common legal issues through a variation of the traditional bingo format. Players match picture squares to their playing sheet while the facilitator explains each one, giving examples of problems that could arise and services available (see example playing sheet attached).

As with the traditional format, a player matching five squares in a row calls ‘Legal Lingo Bingo!’ and wins a small prize.

ECLC has run Legal Lingo Bingo at a range of recent CLE sessions including English as a Second Language classes, Indigenous communities, groups of young people and even our Centre AGM.

In meeting the needs of various communities, the contents of the playing sheet has been ...

PDF 13. Space Invaders
CLC/Agency: Flemington Kensington Community Legal Centre
Contact Person: Tamar Hopkins
Jurisdiction: VIC
Date Added: 17-01-2012

Space Invaders is a new legal education project that uses theatre as an educational tool for young people on the topic of police powers and young people’s rights. A collaboration between Western Edge Youth Arts, Victoria Legal Aid and Flemington Kensignton Community Legal Centre

14. Law Week 2011 in Geelong
CLC/Agency: Barwon Community Legal Centre
Contact Person: Jillian Chapman
Date Added: 13-09-2011

The Service ran a series of CLE events during Law Week 2011, including a community BBQ, Wills and Neighbourhood Disputes sessions and a very popular 'Law for Community Workers' session with participants enjoying the variety of topics/activities presented on the day including Eastern Community Legal Centre's 'Legal Lingo Bingo!'

15. Kill The Possum
CLC/Agency: Broadmeadows Community Legal Centre
Contact Person: Flora Culpan
Jurisdiction: VIC
Date Added: 01-08-2011

Kill the Possum, a novel written by James Moloney, is currently listed as a Year 9 textbook and is being studied by the students at Roxburgh College. It deals with the complex issues of family violence.

Aim BCLS and the Broadmeadows Magistrates' Court will work with the Year 9 English Co-ordinator to develop a series of workshops using the novel Kill the Possum. The workshops will explore the text more deeply and discuss the issues of family violence, its impact on children and the legal system.

The project also uses arts, drama and video. 

Students will complete an application form for an Intervention Order using the evidence in the novel.

A mock trial will be developed an...

16. When can I?
CLC/Agency: Central Community Legal Service
Contact Person: Alan Merritt
Jurisdiction: SA
Date Added: 01-08-2011

A quiz which tells young people at what age they may do such things as get a tattoo, smoke, vote, have body piercings, drink alcohol and get a driving licence.

17. Mock Court and Tribunal Hearings
CLC/Agency: Loddon Campaspe Community Legal Centre
Contact Person: Steve Womersley
Jurisdiction: VIC
Date Added: 01-08-2011

A series of mock court and tribunal hearings at Bendigo Courts as part of Law Week 2010

18. Legal Theatre
CLC/Agency: Illawarra Legal Centre
Contact Person: Sharon Callaghan
Jurisdiction: NSW Commonwealth
Date Added: 01-08-2011

Performances about legal issues for people with low literacy levels and/or a tradition of story telling as a way of passing on information

19. Youth workshops, Youth Justice publication, playing cards
CLC/Agency: Macquarie Legal Centre
Contact Person: Carolina Saez
Jurisdiction: NSW
Date Added: 01-08-2011

There are three ongoing projects that the Youth Education Project at Macquarie Legal Centre is responsible for: workshops, a book and playing cards.

Youth workshops for young people explain their rights and responsibilities. The workshops include actors who present three separate scenarios. A resource is currently being developed to run the workshops using a film instead of the live theatre. The resource will include a DVD, a powerpoint presentation and a study guide.

"Youth Justice: Your Guide to Cops and Court in NSW" is a publication aimed at those working with young people and how best they can support them in criminal matters

"Real Deal" playing cards: each card contains a legal tip and is aimed at ...

20. Expect Respect
CLC/Agency: South East Community Legal Service
Contact Person: Dianne Altus
Jurisdiction: SA
Date Added: 01-08-2011

We brought the Legal Services Commission drama group to our region to perform 'Expect Respect' at schools in our region

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