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1. The Blurred Borders Project
CLC/Agency: Legal Aid WA
Contact Person: Jane Stewart
Jurisdiction: WA NT
Date Added: 14-12-2018

Many culturally connected Aboriginal communities span the Northern Territory/Western Australia border. Different laws apply on each side of the border, which can create confusion about the law for local Aboriginal people. The aim of Blurred Borders is to produce resource kits for legal and community service providers working with Aboriginal people in the NT/WA cross-border region. The resource kits use visual art and storytelling to help explain, in a culturally accessible way, the key legal concepts around bail and the criminal process, and family violence. These resources are also helpful for non-Aboriginal people and have been used with CALD individuals and those with cognitive impairments.

2. Diverse sexuality, gender identity and discrimination law in Queensland
CLC/Agency: Legal Aid Queensland
Contact Person: Katherine Bowden
Jurisdiction: QLD
Date Added: 03-11-2017

Legal Aid Queensland held a free webinar for community, health and education workers on Diverse sexuality, gender identity and discrimination law in Queensland. The session covers: • an overview of discrimination law and how it relates to people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and other sexuality and gender diverse people and communities • practical tips for case workers if your client is experiencing discrimination • getting help from ADCQ and Legal Aid Queensland.

3. Self Representation help for asylum seekers in the Fast Track process
CLC/Agency: Refugee Advice and Casework Service
Contact Person: Tanya Jackson-Vaughan
Jurisdiction: Commonwealth
Date Added: 07-08-2017

The project aims to provide targeted advice about a person's individual case. Education sessions, advice and factsheets about the fast track process.

4. Motor Vehicle Accident Problem Solver
CLC/Agency: Financial Rights Legal Centre
Contact Person: Drew MacRae
Jurisdiction: ACT WA NSW NT QLD SA TAS VIC Commonwealth
Date Added: 12-07-2017

The Motor Vehicle Accident Problem Solver can help people through the complications, pitfalls and hurdles of car insurance. Click on the Motor Vehicle Accident Problem Solver button, answer a few simple questions and the Problem Solver will lead you to the actions you should take and provide you with all advice, sample letters, detailed fact sheets you require. Available on your tablet, smart phone or desktop at, the Motor Vehicle Accident Problem Solver is accessible any time of the day to help answer some of the most common questions people face when they have an accident and are navigating the tricky insurance terrain.

5. Sample Letter Generator
CLC/Agency: Financial Rights Legal Centre
Contact Person: Julia Davis
Jurisdiction: NSW Commonwealth
Date Added: 07-03-2017

The new tool is an interactive letter generator that can help consumers, or community workers create professional and legal letters to send to financial service providers like banks, creditors and insurance companies. The tool is designed for consumers to use without assistance, and also for community workers to use with their clients. The insurance-related letters can be used all over Australia, but some of the letters about credit, debt and banking may only be applicable in NSW.

6. Northern Territory Law Handbook
CLC/Agency: Multiple agencies
Contact Person: Dorothy Fauls
Jurisdiction: NT
Date Added: 27-01-2017

The NT Law Handbook is an easy-to-read guide to law in the Northern Territory. This approach to providing the community with plain language information on a comprehensive range of legal topics has been developed by AustLII, the NT Legal Aid Commission and the Darwin Community Legal Service, with the support of the Law Society of the Northern Territory Public Purposes Trust. Over 70 people from the legal community, government and community agencies donated their time, expertise and effort to ensure that the text is up-to-date and accurate. All sections have links to the primary legislation and case law as well as further information, including contacts should you require legal advice. Simply browse and click on any of the more than 100 ...

7. LawInfoNT
CLC/Agency: Northern Territory Legal Aid Commission
Contact Person: Dorothy Fauls
Jurisdiction: NT
Date Added: 27-01-2017

LawInfoNT is a website with plain language information about the law for people in the Northern Territory. You can read, watch, listen or look at information; get information in different languages; and find a legal service near you.

8. The Queensland Law Handbook Online
CLC/Agency: Caxton Legal Centre
Contact Person: Camielle Donaghey
Jurisdiction: QLD Commonwealth
Date Added: 06-01-2017

The Queensland Law Handbook online is a comprehensive, plain-English legal resource designed to help you deal with your legal problems.

9. Breaking Down Barriers
CLC/Agency: St Kilda Legal Service
Contact Person: Suzan Gencay
Jurisdiction: VIC
Date Added: 25-05-2016

Many people with disability face multiple complex barriers to accessing the justice system. At this innovative and informative forum, learn to empower your clients and hear from some of the leading experts in disability support services, legal services, the judiciary, social work and more. This full day forum also provides continuing professional development (CPD) points for lawyers and social workers, as well as an excellent opportunity for networking and learning about how to improve access to justice for your clients with disability.

10. Guys Gotta Know
CLC/Agency: Women's Legal Service Tasmania
Contact Person: Kim Woolley
Jurisdiction: TAS
Date Added: 19-05-2016

A plain English, modern and relevant website for young Tasmanian men seeking information about issues relevant to them, both legal and non-legal.

11. Rights on Show 2016
CLC/Agency: Darwin Community Legal Service
Contact Person: Saskia Strange
Jurisdiction: NT
Date Added: 01-04-2016

Darwin Community Legal Service's 22nd human rights art award and exhibition will be held at the Darwin Supreme Court.

PDF 12. Graffiti Insider Info
CLC/Agency: St Kilda Legal Service
Contact Person: Suzan Gencay
Jurisdiction: VIC
Date Added: 31-03-2016

A handout for graffers about their rights, graffiti offences and sentences under Victorian law.

13. Aboriginal Legal Service (NSW/ACT) Talking Fact Sheet Project
CLC/Agency: Aboriginal Legal Service (NSW/ACT)
Contact Person: Kate Finlayson
Jurisdiction: NSW
Date Added: 09-02-2016

Small groups of Aboriginal and Torres Strait young people in various communities are provided with basic film-making skills to enable them to devise, film and produce short films about legal issues that affect them in their communities, which are then distributed online through their networks.

14. Introduction to the Legal System
CLC/Agency: Central Highlands Community Legal Centre
Contact Person: Jessica Frost-Camilleri
Jurisdiction: VIC
Date Added: 12-01-2016

Brief introduction to the law, designed for VCAL students. The presentation was created after a request from the local TAFE provider to provide a basic overview of the legal system.

15. Youth in Action - Family Violence Film
Contact Person: Suzan Gencay
Jurisdiction: VIC
Date Added: 06-01-2016

This 5 minute film was created due to the disturbing prevalence of family violence amongst young people, especially as some young people were confused about what behaviours could constitute family violence. It tells the stories of three different people who have experienced family violence.

16. Workplace Rights for Teens
CLC/Agency: Mackay Regional Community Legal Centre
Contact Person: Simone Butschle
Jurisdiction: QLD Commonwealth
Date Added: 31-08-2015

This project aims to inform senior high school students about their rights, entitlements and responsibilities at work. The project was delivered by a solicitor from the Mackay Regional Community Legal Centre (MRCLC) at high schools in the Mackay, Whitsunday and Isaac Regional areas.

The students were informed about modern awards, the National Employment Standards (NES), the duties and obligations owed to an employer, pay, finishing up or termination of employment, unfair dismissal, harassment, discrimination, workplace bullying and where to get assistance.

PDF 17. Cyber Safety in Schools
CLC/Agency: Moonee Valley Legal Service
Contact Person: Brendan Lacota
Jurisdiction: VIC
Date Added: 28-08-2015

A set of case studies aimed at high school students with the aim of educating them as to the legal aspects of cyber safety. This includes issues such as sexting and cyber bullying, covering the areas of student's rights and responsibilities, and the implications this conduct under the law.

The presentation is available via the above URL, and a teacher's cheatsheet for the case studies is available for download.

18. Responsible Partying
CLC/Agency: Youth Advocacy Centre
Contact Person: Katrina Jefferson
Jurisdiction: QLD
Date Added: 18-06-2015

The project is a creative youth participation project designed to inform, educate and encourage young people concerning the societal impacts of their behaviour in organising or attending parties.

By educating young people about the potential legal consequences for them individually, including criminal charges, the project will increase young people’s skills in positive decision making.

In YAC's experience of working with young people for over 30 years, education is a valuable tool in supporting young people to have positive police interactions. If young people understand their obligations and responsibilities when ‘partying’ as well as the extent of police powers, then they are less likely to both ...

19. Learning the law
CLC/Agency: Victoria Legal Aid
Contact Person: Madeline Ryan
Jurisdiction: VIC
Date Added: 05-06-2015

'Learning the law' is an online suite of teaching tools for secondary specialist school teachers. It is suitable for students with a mild intellectual disability in years 8 to 12. Teachers in mainstream schools who want simplified materials on these topics may also find Learning the law useful.

'Learning the law' covers two topics:

  • Fines; and 
  • Driving. 

Each topic includes a short video, interactive online activities and a teachers' resource. Victoria Legal Aid can provide free professional development to special school teachers on this resource and the legal topics it covers.

20. Sex, young people and the law
CLC/Agency: Victoria Legal Aid
Contact Person: Kenton Molloy
Jurisdiction: VIC
Date Added: 04-06-2015

This is a legal education kit for educators to assist young people to understand their legal rights and responsibilities and make informed decisions about sex and relationships.

The program covers the following topics:

  • Age of consent 
  • Consent 
  • Cyberbullying 
  • Sexting 

The program was developed by Victoria Legal Aid and the Loddon Campaspe Community Legal Centre.

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