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1. Gippsland Legal Assistance Forum
CLC/Agency: Gippsland Legal Service
Contact Person: Bruce Mapperson
Jurisdiction: VIC
Date Added: 22-06-2017

Aims of Gippsland Legal Assistance Forum 1. To act as a contact point for legal services assisting disadvantaged and vulnerable individuals in the region; 2. To provide a forum to enable legal services and communities of interest to exchange information and identify local issues requiring support or response; 3. To build the capacity of legal services across the region, and 4. To coordinate the promotion of legal services and the delivery of community legal education across the region. Strategy We will meet these aims by: • Being the recognised central point of legal services in Gippsland. Where possible and appropriate, collating information, research and projects which support the aims of GLAF; • Encouraging organisations to...

2. Rights on Show 2016
CLC/Agency: Darwin Community Legal Service
Contact Person: Saskia Strange
Jurisdiction: NT
Date Added: 01-04-2016

Darwin Community Legal Service's 22nd human rights art award and exhibition will be held at the Darwin Supreme Court.

3. Stress Buster Day
CLC/Agency: Barwon Community Legal Service
Contact Person: Jillian Chapman
Jurisdiction: VIC
Date Added: 12-01-2016

'Stress Less’ game - students were given a legal stress and given the opportunity to win a prize if they guessed the legal solution.


  • Legal Stress - You heater isn't working in the house you rent Legal 
  • Solution - Send notice to your landlord for urgent repairs
4. Social Housing Consultation - tenant video submissions
CLC/Agency: Kingsford Legal Centre
Contact Person: Edwina MacDonald
Jurisdiction: NSW
Date Added: 07-04-2015

We worked with local housing tenants to assist them make 10 video submissions and 6 written submissions to NSW Government’s Social Housing consultation. We offered a choice of formats because not all tenants feel comfortable expressing themselves in writing, and we wanted the Government to see and hear directly from tenants.

We developed resources and hosted a forum at a local community centre for 50 tenants to inform them about the consultation and making a submission. Staff and students assisted tenants write or record submissions. We developed consent processes for editing/sending in the submissions, and using stories in our submission.

The following resources are available for sharing:

5. Kids' Law Drama Project
CLC/Agency: Peninsula Community Legal Centre
Contact Person: Andrea Staunton
Jurisdiction: VIC
Date Added: 16-12-2014

Working in partnership with a local secondary college, this pilot project involved Year 7 students creating their own "law drama project", with resourcing from Peninsula CLC, which was showcased to their peers in 2015.

6. Alcohol Management Plans Review
CLC/Agency: Junkuri Laka Community Legal Centre
Contact Person: Dr Berry Zondag
Jurisdiction: QLD
Date Added: 28-01-2014

Mornington Island has been subject to alcohol management plans (AMP) since 2003. In 2008 the conditions were varied to a "zero carriage limit", meaning a total prohibition on alcohol.

The assumption underlying this policy was that removal of alcohol would also remove all social ills associated with alcohol abuse.

However, due to the surge in illegally made alcohol (homebrew) the actual effect is that alcohol abuse has not in fact decreased at all.

A review of AMP's was introduced in 2012. Junkuri Laka CLC is closely associated with the Community Justice Group on Mornington, an agency with prime responsibility in the review under QLD legislation. The CLC will play a vital role in the review process.

7. Community Legal Guides Project
CLC/Agency: Northern Territory Legal Aid Commission
Contact Person: John Jablonka
Jurisdiction: NT
Date Added: 02-08-2013

Northern Territory Legal Aid Commission (NTLAC) and Anglicare NT's Refugee and Migrant Settlement Services (RAMSS) partnered on an innovative program to train community members from two emerging refugee communities as 'Community Legal Guides'.

Funded by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) Settlement Grants Program it used community development and participatory community legal education approaches to build the capacity of community members to understand their own legal problems and support others to seek help from the correct support system.

8. Planning Reforms webpage
CLC/Agency: Environmental Defender's Office (NSW)
Contact Person: Emily Ryan
Jurisdiction: NSW
Date Added: 12-06-2013

The NSW Government has released A New Planning System for NSW White Paper and draft legislation for public comment. EDO NSW has prepared a briefing note, seminar, and series of videos discussing the proposed changes and how you can get involved.

9. Sex young people and the law
CLC/Agency: Legal Aid Victoria
Contact Person: Kenton Molloy
Jurisdiction: VIC
Date Added: 04-03-2013

Sex, young people and the law is a legal education package for use by educators. It is designed to assist young people to understand their legal rights and responsibilities and make informed decisions about sex and relationships. Sex, young people and the law was developed by Victoria Legal Aid and the Loddon Campaspe Community Legal Centre.

10. Trusted Moments
Contact Person: Ella Pak Poy
Jurisdiction: SA Commonwealth
Date Added: 15-02-2013

The Legal Services Commission has produced Trusted Moments as an early intervention strategy for the prevention of sexual assault.

Trusted Moments faciliates discussion and learning about the law of consent and the importance of respectful relationships. The film also highlights the risks of using mobile phones to take and share sexually explicit or invasive images of young people.

The film is supported by a study guide, fact sheets and group activities for use in classrooms and youth centres.

To view the film, or for more information, please contact the Legal Services Commission's Youth Legal Education Officer on the details below.

11. To Tweet or Not To Tweet?
CLC/Agency: National Children's and Youth Law Centre
Contact Person: Ahram Choi
Jurisdiction: NSW
Date Added: 27-09-2012

The project focused on eight major issues and concepts that young people often confront in the social media context:

  1. copyright
  2. cyber bullying
  3. defamation
  4. identity theft
  5. privacy
  6. self-incrimination
  7. sexting
  8. social networking sites (SNS) terms of service. 

The project aimed to promote a social media risk management approach amongst children and young people in New South Wales.

Specifically, NCYLC and the Children's Law Service sought to inform, educate and assist children and young people in New South Wales to identify, strategise and manage the legal and social risks they face within the social media milieu.

12. Cop This!
CLC/Agency: Northern Territory Legal Aid Commission
Contact Person: Melanie Robinson
Jurisdiction: NT
Date Added: 06-09-2012

When dealing with police it is important to know your rights. This package of resources includes a booklet, DVD and learning sequence which fits in with the NT Curriculum Framework for schools

13. NSW Housing Repairs Campaign
CLC/Agency: Kingsford Legal Centre
Contact Person: Edwina MacDonald
Jurisdiction: NSW
Date Added: 16-07-2012

Kingsford Legal Centre’s Housing Repairs Campaign seeks to improve the standard of housing for clients living in Housing NSW properties.

The campaign uses a number of different strategies. We are working with our local communities to raise awareness about the issue and empower clients to make complaints to Housing NSW and the Tenancy Tribunal through workshops, advice clinics and articles in community newsletters.

We are placing pressure on Housing NSW through our casework, in particular focusing on increasing complaints to the Consumer, Trader and Tenancy Tribunals (CTTT) and exploring other legal options, such as discrimination complaints.

We are collecting evidence of the problem, lobbying go...

14. Human Rights Day
CLC/Agency: Illawarra Legal Centre
Contact Person: Linda Brazier
Jurisdiction: NSW Commonwealth
Date Added: 05-06-2012

A public stall was held in the Wollongong Mall during Friday's market day to commemorate Human Rights Day. A number of pro forma letters were available for people to fill in with their own details and "post" on the spot to local authorities and members of parliament. General information was distributed about human rights.

15. Anti Poverty Week Lunch
CLC/Agency: Illawarra Legal Centre
Contact Person: Linda Brazier
Jurisdiction: NSW
Date Added: 05-06-2012

The Illawarra Legal Centre collaborated with Wollongong TAFE students to host a lunch with a difference to mark anti-poverty week. A few students were pleasantly surprised when they were seated at the "banquet" table. However, many only received a small bowl of rice and had to look on! Everyone gained some insight into world poverty.

16. Grandparents, grandchildren and family Law
CLC/Agency: Moreland Community Legal Centre
Contact Person: Carmen Tommasi
Jurisdiction: Commonwealth
Date Added: 08-05-2012

The Grandparents, Grandchildren and Family Law project encourages grandparents to be confident and informed and to contribute positively to the care, welfare and development of their grandchildren, whether or not the parents of the children are separated or divorced.

Focus groups and community information sessions were conducted with Melbourne's Greek Community. A Reference Group was established with industry experts (eg Victoria Legal Aid, CO-ASIT - Italian Agency, private practitioners, Aged Care Services - Moreland Council). The Reference Group informed the development of fact sheets (in English and Greek) in relation to grandparents, grandchildren and Family Law.  

A final report will be produced with recomm...

17. Planning for Later Life
CLC/Agency: The Aged-care Rights Service
Contact Person: Meg Small
Jurisdiction: NSW
Date Added: 04-05-2012

These Community Legal Education (CLE) sessions were delivered in Forster-Taree to older persons and members of the Aboriginal Communities. This outreach CLE was triggered by a client contacting the TARS Advice Line with a query about planning for later life. The sessions covered wills, powers of attorney and guardianship.

18. Carbon Farming Initiative
CLC/Agency: Environment Defenders Office (Vic.)
Contact Person: Elizabeth McKinnon
Jurisdiction: Commonwealth
Date Added: 27-04-2012

The EDO (Vic.) worked with government, NGOs and community members to improve the design of the Carbon Farming Initiative, and the legislation that implemented it.

19. Reforming Mining Law in Victoria
CLC/Agency: Environment Defenders Office (Vic.)
Contact Person: Elizabeth McKinnon
Jurisdiction: VIC
Date Added: 27-04-2012

The EDO (Vic.) is running a long-term law reform project aimed at improving Victoria's mining laws to better protect the environment, sensitive land uses and regional communities from mining (especially for coal and coal seam gas).

20. Law and justice tours for newly arrived community members
CLC/Agency: Barwon Community Legal Centre
Contact Person: Jillian Chapman
Jurisdiction: VIC
Date Added: 10-04-2012

A tour of Barwon Community Legal Service (and talk on Introduction to Australian Law and Police), followed by a tour of the local police station and court house. All information is provided in community languages.

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