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1. Piano Forte
CLC/Agency: Suncoast Community Legal
Contact Person: Toni Wills
Date Added: 24-03-2017

Piano Forte is an educational theatre project that uses a fictional narrative to provide information about wills and Enduring Powers of Attorney whilst exploring the subtleties of elder abuse. It aims to arm seniors with legal information to help safeguard them from these types of abuse, as well as introduce the legal and support services available to help them.

2. Rights on Show 2016
CLC/Agency: Darwin Community Legal Service
Contact Person: Saskia Strange
Jurisdiction: NT
Date Added: 01-04-2016

Darwin Community Legal Service's 22nd human rights art award and exhibition will be held at the Darwin Supreme Court.

3. Aboriginal Legal Service (NSW/ACT) Talking Fact Sheet Project
CLC/Agency: Aboriginal Legal Service (NSW/ACT)
Contact Person: Kate Finlayson
Jurisdiction: NSW
Date Added: 09-02-2016

Small groups of Aboriginal and Torres Strait young people in various communities are provided with basic film-making skills to enable them to devise, film and produce short films about legal issues that affect them in their communities, which are then distributed online through their networks.

4. The Court Experience: Family Violence, Intervention Orders & Victims Compensation
CLC/Agency: Barwon Community Legal Service
Contact Person: Jillian Chapman
Jurisdiction: VIC
Date Added: 12-01-2016

We ended 2015 on a high with a sell out event, with local community workers attending an interactive and informative session – The Court Experience: Family Violence, Intervention Orders and Victims Compensation.

The aim of the forum was to provide workers with a greater understanding of the Court process and how to support clients with family violence matters.

As part of the event BCLS hosted the Western CLC November NoViolence plays to introduce the various types of family violence.

5. Know Your Rights
CLC/Agency: Central Australian Aboriginal Legal Aid Service
Contact Person: Vicki Gillick
Jurisdiction: NT
Date Added: 13-05-2015

Immersive legal education project based on 6 sessions of CLE with CAALAS STAFF. Participants are involved in scripting and performing a hip hop music video based on key legal messages discussed. See the YouTube link for the music video.

6. Folk Law CD and Songbook
CLC/Agency: Refugee and Immigration Legal Service (RAILS)
Contact Person: Robert Lachowicz
Jurisdiction: ACT WA NSW NT QLD SA TAS VIC Commonwealth
Date Added: 20-04-2015

The CD contains 18 original songs about common legal problems; shopping, renting, credit, buying cars, driving, bulling, police, courts, family violence, work rights, dispute resolution and discrimination. The history of law, democracy, human rights and citizenship are also covered.

The Songbook contains song lyrics and chords for ukulele and guitar plus key information about the law and basic music theory. The songs cover a range popular music styles – reggae, rap, rock, folk, funk, soul, ska, cha cha cha, blues, country, calypso, klezmer, gospel and jazz. The songs can also be read as poems or rapped.

Four music clips have been made.

7. Purple November - Craft and Conversation 2014
CLC/Agency: Barwon Community Legal Service
Contact Person: Jillian Chapman
Jurisdiction: VIC
Date Added: 03-12-2014

During November 2014 Barwon Community Legal Service supported Purple November (an initiative of Reclaim the Night Geelong) by running craft and conversation workshops, whereby local girls and women hand made purple pom-poms. These pom-poms were then displayed in various local organisations shopfront windows to raise awareness about violence against women.

8. O Week for Uni Students - Are you renting?
CLC/Agency: Barwon Community Legal Service
Contact Person: Jillian Chapman
Jurisdiction: VIC
Date Added: 25-02-2014

Barwon CLS ran running a tenancy promo at Deakin University during March 2014. We designed a special cardboard house to raise awareness around rights and renting. There were be tenancy quiz with questions and lots of free noodles and recipe sheets (to pimp up your noodles) to win!

9. Clothesline Project
CLC/Agency: Barwon Community Legal Service
Contact Person: Jillian Chapman
Jurisdiction: VIC
Date Added: 25-02-2014

In 2013 Barwon CLS and a range of organisations ran six art and wellbeing sessions for mothers and daughters at a local youth centre. Three of these sessions included an art-based Clothesline Project, whereby women discussed and designed slogans and placed them on t-shirts to support G21 Stop Violence against Women month and Human Rights Day. This Clothesline Project was inspired by Broadmeadows and Moreland CLCs.

See also: Gippsland Community Legal Service and Moreland Communiy Legal Centre entries.

10. Alcohol Management Plans Review
CLC/Agency: Junkuri Laka Community Legal Centre
Contact Person: Dr Berry Zondag
Jurisdiction: QLD
Date Added: 28-01-2014

Mornington Island has been subject to alcohol management plans (AMP) since 2003. In 2008 the conditions were varied to a "zero carriage limit", meaning a total prohibition on alcohol.

The assumption underlying this policy was that removal of alcohol would also remove all social ills associated with alcohol abuse.

However, due to the surge in illegally made alcohol (homebrew) the actual effect is that alcohol abuse has not in fact decreased at all.

A review of AMP's was introduced in 2012. Junkuri Laka CLC is closely associated with the Community Justice Group on Mornington, an agency with prime responsibility in the review under QLD legislation. The CLC will play a vital role in the review process.

11. Elephant in your room?
CLC/Agency: Barwon Community Legal Service
Contact Person: Mikala McIntyre or Jillian Chapman
Jurisdiction: ACT WA NSW NT QLD SA TAS VIC Commonwealth
Date Added: 08-01-2013

Barwon Community Legal Service took a large fibreglass elephant on a three-month tour of its catchment area to raise awareness about family violence.

It combined the tour with various CLE events over the 90 days (Stop Violence Against Women - Month of Action, White Ribbon Day, Human Rights Day etc).

About the Elephant

She started life in Wodonga in 2009 as a community art project and was produced by a group of women who have survived living with family violence. She has been beautifully decorated in two halves. The left hand side is black and white and depicts the downside of abuse and the devastation it causes to people's lives. The right hand side is colourful and depicts the upside and joy...

12. Rights on Show
CLC/Agency: Darwin Community Legal Service
Contact Person: Saskia Strange
Jurisdiction: NT
Date Added: 03-07-2012

The Darwin Community Legal Service's Rights on Show is the annual art award and exhibition which focusses on human rights. This much revered art show is now in its 18th year.

The "Homelessness" show received nearly 100 entries in 2011, including entries from remote areas, differently abled groups, students, asylum seekers, accomplished and novice artists alike. All had something to say about being homeless in the Northern Territory.

A myriad of mediums were utilised in 2011, including a giant woven nest, a florally adorned camping tent, mosaics, paper cranes, film, and the People's Choice winner "Cardboard Man", a salute to the "Occupy" movement.

2012 has a series of artist floor talks planned, excursion...

PDF 13. Space Invaders
CLC/Agency: Flemington Kensington Community Legal Centre
Contact Person: Tamar Hopkins
Jurisdiction: VIC
Date Added: 17-01-2012

Space Invaders is a new legal education project that uses theatre as an educational tool for young people on the topic of police powers and young people’s rights. A collaboration between Western Edge Youth Arts, Victoria Legal Aid and Flemington Kensignton Community Legal Centre

14. Freedom From fear
CLC/Agency: Moreland Community Legal Centre
Contact Person: Carmen Tommasi
Jurisdiction: VIC Commonwealth
Date Added: 30-08-2011

Event held at the Asylum Seeker Welcome Centre, which provides a range of services to asylum seekers. Melbourne University students and asylum seekers collaborated on a photographic exhibition with photos on display on the night.

15. Kill The Possum
CLC/Agency: Broadmeadows Community Legal Centre
Contact Person: Flora Culpan
Jurisdiction: VIC
Date Added: 01-08-2011

Kill the Possum, a novel written by James Moloney, is currently listed as a Year 9 textbook and is being studied by the students at Roxburgh College. It deals with the complex issues of family violence.

Aim BCLS and the Broadmeadows Magistrates' Court will work with the Year 9 English Co-ordinator to develop a series of workshops using the novel Kill the Possum. The workshops will explore the text more deeply and discuss the issues of family violence, its impact on children and the legal system.

The project also uses arts, drama and video. 

Students will complete an application form for an Intervention Order using the evidence in the novel.

A mock trial will be developed an...

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