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1. Gippsland Legal Assistance Forum
CLC/Agency: Gippsland Legal Service
Contact Person: Bruce Mapperson
Jurisdiction: VIC
Date Added: 22-06-2017

Aims of Gippsland Legal Assistance Forum 1. To act as a contact point for legal services assisting disadvantaged and vulnerable individuals in the region; 2. To provide a forum to enable legal services and communities of interest to exchange information and identify local issues requiring support or response; 3. To build the capacity of legal services across the region, and 4. To coordinate the promotion of legal services and the delivery of community legal education across the region. Strategy We will meet these aims by: • Being the recognised central point of legal services in Gippsland. Where possible and appropriate, collating information, research and projects which support the aims of GLAF; • Encouraging organisations to...

2. Blue Card system review
Contact Person: Dr Berry Zondag
Jurisdiction: QLD
Date Added: 07-02-2017

People in remote indigenous communities experience barriers entering into the workforce as a result of the Working with Children legislation. The reason is that much of the available work is with government agencies and NGO's and it is in the social services area, where "Blue Cards" are a typical job requirement. People in indigenous communities tend to have significantly more substantial criminal records than the average "mainstream" individual. The strict Blue Card regime is therefore often a barrier in obtaining work. The CLC with our local member of parliament to amend the legislation by introducing a community specific Blue Card.

3. Submission to the Department of Justice and Regulation Access to Justice Review
CLC/Agency: Peninsula Community Legal Centre
Contact Person: Saskia Weerheim
Jurisdiction: VIC
Date Added: 04-05-2016

Response to term of reference 7: “Whether there is any duplication in services provided by legal assistance providers, and options for reducing that duplication, including the development of legal education material.”

4. Indigenous Knowledge Consultation: Have Your Say (IP Australia policy submission)
CLC/Agency: Arts Law Centre of Australia
Contact Person: Robyn Ayres
Jurisdiction: Commonwealth
Date Added: 03-02-2016

ArtsLaw welcomes the opportunity to contribute to the discussion on the adequacy of protocols to manage ‘Indigenous Knowledge’ or ‘Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property’ (ICIP) and the potential for better protection to be achieved through reform of the existing IP legislation.

PDF 5. Submission - Royal Commission into Family Violence
CLC/Agency: Central Highlands Community Legal Centre
Contact Person: Glen Ludbrook
Jurisdiction: VIC Commonwealth
Date Added: 12-01-2016

Submission by the Centre regarding the impacts of family violence, client and lawyer experiences with the legal process and the need for change.

PDF 6. Submission to Royal Commission into Family Violence
CLC/Agency: Peninsula Community Legal Centre
Contact Person: Andrea Staunton
Jurisdiction: VIC Commonwealth
Date Added: 11-06-2015

In this submission, we shared some of our initiatives aimed at better informing our community about family violence and we touched on research into underlying causes of family violence and experiences of other jurisdictions with lower rates of family violence.

We noted that, in our experience, both the prevalence and severity of family violence have been rising. We also recounted our clients’ stories and experiences to highlight the challenges they faced in navigating inadequate, complex and fragmented systems, which made it difficult for them to feel safe and compounded their distress.

We recommended major reforms to the ‘system’, as well as calling for the underlying causes of family violence to be rec...

7. Social Housing Consultation - tenant video submissions
CLC/Agency: Kingsford Legal Centre
Contact Person: Edwina MacDonald
Jurisdiction: NSW
Date Added: 07-04-2015

We worked with local housing tenants to assist them make 10 video submissions and 6 written submissions to NSW Government’s Social Housing consultation. We offered a choice of formats because not all tenants feel comfortable expressing themselves in writing, and we wanted the Government to see and hear directly from tenants.

We developed resources and hosted a forum at a local community centre for 50 tenants to inform them about the consultation and making a submission. Staff and students assisted tenants write or record submissions. We developed consent processes for editing/sending in the submissions, and using stories in our submission.

The following resources are available for sharing:

8. Smart Justice Project
CLC/Agency: Smart Justice (Federation of Community Legal Centres et al)
Contact Person: Michelle McDonnell
Jurisdiction: VIC
Date Added: 29-10-2014

The Smart Justice project promotes a safer community in Victoria through criminal justice policies that reduce crime, are based on evidence, and comply with human rights.

The project utilises fact sheets, a blog, submissions, social media and public events to promote public policy debate.

9. Naming and shaming
CLC/Agency: Deakin University
Contact Person: Dr Lisa Waller
Jurisdiction: VIC
Date Added: 01-08-2014

This baseline study examines the power of the news media to publically name and shame ordinary people who receive non-convictions for committing minor crimes and highlights inequalities in this process, It also explores concerns about online reporting of these matters leaving 'lasting marks of shame'.

10. Response to Draft Report of the Productivity Commission Inquiry into Access to Justice
CLC/Agency: Peninsula Community Legal Centre
Contact Person: Andrea Staunton
Jurisdiction: VIC Commonwealth
Date Added: 15-07-2014

Response to the Draft Report of the Productivity Commission Inquiry into Access to Justice

11. Women Defendants to AVOs
CLC/Agency: Women's Legal Service NSW
Contact Person: Julia Mansour
Jurisdiction: NSW
Date Added: 17-06-2014

This report examines the experience of women victims of violence who are defendants to ADVOs in NSW.

12. Convictions and Criminal Records
CLC/Agency: Central Coast Community Legal Centre
Contact Person: Bronwyn Ambrogetti
Jurisdiction: NSW
Date Added: 03-04-2014

Research regarding the effects of having a criminal conviction and information regarding criminal records.

13. Victims Compensation
CLC/Agency: Community Legal Centres NSW
Jurisdiction: NSW
Date Added: 18-03-2014

On 30 May 2013, the NSW Government abolished the Victims Compensation Scheme and created the Victims Support Scheme. Concerns about this scheme include:

  • its application to victims already in the old scheme;
  • imposition of a 10-year time limit for claims by victims of domestic violence and sexual assault; 
  • undervaluing trauma suffered by victims of domestic violence and child sexual abuse; 
  • requirement to report the crime to the police or Government agency despite many victims being fearful of police.


CLC's are gathering data about the impact of the changes on their clients, and many organisations have responded to a government commissioned Issues Pa...

14. Police Accountability Project
CLC/Agency: Community Legal Centres NSW
Jurisdiction: NSW
Date Added: 18-03-2014

CLCNSW is concerned about various aspects of the NSW Police Compaints system, and has made recommendations for reform. The reforms are supported by results from CLCNSW commissioned research by Charles Sturt University into solicitors' and client advocates' perceptions and experiences in relation to the Police Complaints System - an executive summary of the findings of this research are available on the CLCNSW's website.

15. Child Protection Laws NSW
CLC/Agency: Community Legal Centres NSW
Jurisdiction: NSW
Date Added: 18-03-2014

Several CLCs made submission to a government discussion paper on a new child protection scheme in 2013.

The CLCNSW Care and Protection Network and the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Rights Working Group wrote an open letter to the Minister outlining our concerns with proposed new child protection legislation in NSW.

25 organisations signed on to the letter. A CLCNSW issues paper was produced once the legislation was released and both documents were sent to the media and NSW MPs.

None of the amendments CLCs suggested to MPs progressed but some commitments were made to MPs by the Minster about the concerns CLCs had raised. The law reform work presented an opportunity for CLCs to start developing relationships...

16. Pro Bono Legal Services in Family Law and Family Violence
CLC/Agency: Australian Pro Bono Centre
Contact Person: Daniel Jacobs
Jurisdiction: ACT WA NSW NT QLD SA TAS VIC Commonwealth
Date Added: 24-02-2014

Despite the fact that more lawyers and law firms are becoming increasingly involved in pro bono service delivery, obtaining pro bono legal assistance in family law matters is very difficult, with many pro bono providers and referral schemes simply not accepting applications for pro bono assistance in family law.

In many areas, this assistance is also difficult to obtain via CLCs and Legal Aid. This Research Report was undertaken to uncover why this is so.

17. Animated films: Indigenous civil and family law needs
CLC/Agency: Indigenous Legal Needs Project
Contact Person: Fiona Allison
Jurisdiction: NT VIC
Date Added: 11-02-2014

These two animated films present Indigenous peoples' accounts of common civil and family law problems (as well as research findings of the ILNP). It can be used as an education tool for Indigenous communities around civil and family law.

18. Alcohol Management Plans Review
CLC/Agency: Junkuri Laka Community Legal Centre
Contact Person: Dr Berry Zondag
Jurisdiction: QLD
Date Added: 28-01-2014

Mornington Island has been subject to alcohol management plans (AMP) since 2003. In 2008 the conditions were varied to a "zero carriage limit", meaning a total prohibition on alcohol.

The assumption underlying this policy was that removal of alcohol would also remove all social ills associated with alcohol abuse.

However, due to the surge in illegally made alcohol (homebrew) the actual effect is that alcohol abuse has not in fact decreased at all.

A review of AMP's was introduced in 2012. Junkuri Laka CLC is closely associated with the Community Justice Group on Mornington, an agency with prime responsibility in the review under QLD legislation. The CLC will play a vital role in the review process.

19. Submission to Productivity Commission Access to Justice Inquiry
CLC/Agency: Peninsula Community Legal Centre
Contact Person: Andrea Staunton
Jurisdiction: VIC Commonwealth
Date Added: 30-12-2013

Written submission to Productivity Commission's Access to Justice Inquiry, in response to Issues Paper (released September 2013).

20. Fines, Debts and the SDRO
CLC/Agency: Hunter Community Legal Centre
Contact Person: Bronwyn Ambrogetti
Jurisdiction: NSW
Date Added: 25-11-2013

Presentation for community sector workers on how to help their clients when have State Debt Recovery Office (SDRO) fines or other debts that they can't pay.

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