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1. The Blurred Borders Project
CLC/Agency: Legal Aid WA
Contact Person: Jane Stewart
Jurisdiction: WA NT
Date Added: 14-12-2018

Many culturally connected Aboriginal communities span the Northern Territory/Western Australia border. Different laws apply on each side of the border, which can create confusion about the law for local Aboriginal people. The aim of Blurred Borders is to produce resource kits for legal and community service providers working with Aboriginal people in the NT/WA cross-border region. The resource kits use visual art and storytelling to help explain, in a culturally accessible way, the key legal concepts around bail and the criminal process, and family violence. These resources are also helpful for non-Aboriginal people and have been used with CALD individuals and those with cognitive impairments.

2. Motor Vehicle Accident Problem Solver
CLC/Agency: Financial Rights Legal Centre
Contact Person: Drew MacRae
Jurisdiction: ACT WA NSW NT QLD SA TAS VIC Commonwealth
Date Added: 12-07-2017

The Motor Vehicle Accident Problem Solver can help people through the complications, pitfalls and hurdles of car insurance. Click on the Motor Vehicle Accident Problem Solver button, answer a few simple questions and the Problem Solver will lead you to the actions you should take and provide you with all advice, sample letters, detailed fact sheets you require. Available on your tablet, smart phone or desktop at, the Motor Vehicle Accident Problem Solver is accessible any time of the day to help answer some of the most common questions people face when they have an accident and are navigating the tricky insurance terrain.

3. Gippsland Legal Assistance Forum
CLC/Agency: Gippsland Legal Service
Contact Person: Bruce Mapperson
Jurisdiction: VIC
Date Added: 22-06-2017

Aims of Gippsland Legal Assistance Forum 1. To act as a contact point for legal services assisting disadvantaged and vulnerable individuals in the region; 2. To provide a forum to enable legal services and communities of interest to exchange information and identify local issues requiring support or response; 3. To build the capacity of legal services across the region, and 4. To coordinate the promotion of legal services and the delivery of community legal education across the region. Strategy We will meet these aims by: • Being the recognised central point of legal services in Gippsland. Where possible and appropriate, collating information, research and projects which support the aims of GLAF; • Encouraging organisations to...

4. Northern Territory Law Handbook
CLC/Agency: Multiple agencies
Contact Person: Dorothy Fauls
Jurisdiction: NT
Date Added: 27-01-2017

The NT Law Handbook is an easy-to-read guide to law in the Northern Territory. This approach to providing the community with plain language information on a comprehensive range of legal topics has been developed by AustLII, the NT Legal Aid Commission and the Darwin Community Legal Service, with the support of the Law Society of the Northern Territory Public Purposes Trust. Over 70 people from the legal community, government and community agencies donated their time, expertise and effort to ensure that the text is up-to-date and accurate. All sections have links to the primary legislation and case law as well as further information, including contacts should you require legal advice. Simply browse and click on any of the more than 100 ...

5. LawInfoNT
CLC/Agency: Northern Territory Legal Aid Commission
Contact Person: Dorothy Fauls
Jurisdiction: NT
Date Added: 27-01-2017

LawInfoNT is a website with plain language information about the law for people in the Northern Territory. You can read, watch, listen or look at information; get information in different languages; and find a legal service near you.

6. Firearms and Family Violence
CLC/Agency: St Kilda Legal Service
Contact Person: Suzan Gencay
Jurisdiction: VIC
Date Added: 16-01-2017

In May 2016 St Kilda Legal Service implemented the Family Violence Firearms Project to reduce the risk to a protected person under a family violence invention order , by restricting the perpetrator’s access to firearms. We produced a flier and website.

7. Aboriginal Wills Clinic
CLC/Agency: Murray Mallee Community Legal Service
Contact Person: Allie Collyer
Jurisdiction: NSW VIC
Date Added: 12-01-2017

A wills clinic was held at the local Aboriginal Coop for local community members. Our service liaised with the coop and did extensive promotion in the local community. The Federation of CLC's had worked hard to assist RRR CLC's with partnering with law forms. Gilbert + Tobin from Sydney provided 2 lawyers pro-bono to deliver an education session and complete instructions for wills and powers of attorney. 15 community members were assisted to complete 45 documents.

8. The Plain English Legal Dictionary Northern Territory Criminal Law English-Djambarrpuyngu
CLC/Agency: ARDS Aboriginal Corporation
Contact Person: Howard Amery, Hannah Harper
Jurisdiction: NT
Date Added: 06-12-2016

The Legal Dictionary contains over 300 legal terms explained in plain English, and translated into Djambarrpuyŋu (a language of northeast Arnhem Land). Available as a PDF or online interactive version.

9. The Farm & Rural Legal Service
CLC/Agency: Legal Aid QLD
Contact Person: Katherine Bowden
Jurisdiction: QLD
Date Added: 05-07-2016

We offer legal help to primary producers who are experiencing financial hardship related to their business. We can also help you try to resolve debt related issues through negotiation and mediation. For example, we can help you negotiate with your bank, pastoral house, finance company or people you owe money.

10. Rights on Show 2016
CLC/Agency: Darwin Community Legal Service
Contact Person: Saskia Strange
Jurisdiction: NT
Date Added: 01-04-2016

Darwin Community Legal Service's 22nd human rights art award and exhibition will be held at the Darwin Supreme Court.

11. Sisters in Law radio program
CLC/Agency: Central Australian Women's Legal Service (CAWLS)
Contact Person: Lauren Macaulay
Jurisdiction: NT
Date Added: 05-08-2015

Sisters in Law is a weekly, half hour radio program on local Alice Springs radio station 8CCC Community Radio 102.1fm. The program explores different legal issues affecting women and provides practical information about how the law works and what assistance is available.

12. Factsheet: How to prepare supplement to consent order forms
CLC/Agency: North Queensland Women's Legal Service
Contact Person: Sharell O'Brien
Jurisdiction: Commonwealth
Date Added: 03-07-2015

Factsheet on how to prepare supplement to consent order documents.

This guide is intended to assist with meeting the Court’s requirements for filing the documentation.

The factsheet is available from the link below.

13. Talking Justice 2015
CLC/Agency: Loddon Campaspe CLC
Contact Person: Anna Howard
Jurisdiction: VIC Commonwealth
Date Added: 18-05-2015

In 2014 Loddon Campaspe CLC held a series of public lectures around issues of justice.

Our speakers came from diverse backgrounds and perspectives. More than 240 people bought tickets to our inaugural event. In 2015 we repeated the event but rescheduled it to coincide with Law Week. More than 370 people attended four sessions held over two days.

Speakers included the Hon. Howard Nathan, Helen Szoke, Professor Mick Dodson AM, Tim Wilson, Lydia Shelly, Rob Stary, Ken Marchingo, Warwick Smith, Eva Cox, Ange Barry, Louise Staley MP and Dr Alessandro Demaio.

Videos will be available shortly.

14. Romgu Dhukarr Dhiyal Australia
CLC/Agency: Northern Territory Legal Aid Commission
Author: NT LEGAL AID COMMISSION Jurisdiction: NT
Date Added: 12-03-2015

In 2006, legal services from the Top End of the NT travelled to communities in North Eastern Arnhem Land to provide information about key legal issues in the area and evaluate the unmet legal need in the region. It was identified that community members in the region did not have access to legal education about their rights and responsibilities under the Australian legal system in a language and context they understand.

This DVD was developed in response to that need. The DVD was developed in conjunction with Marthakal Homelands Resource Centre, Duduyngu Pty Ltd, local film makers and clan leaders and filmed at Galiwin'ku. The DVD draws on the existing knowledge of structures of Yolngu law and governance in the region to expl...

15. Ask Nola Webinar series
CLC/Agency: North Queensland Women's Legal Service
Contact Person: Sharell O'Brien
Jurisdiction: QLD
Date Added: 19-12-2014

Webinars on Ask Nola (a project of NQWLS).

Children series: Recovery Orders, Relocation, Making arrangements for children after separation Part 1.

Property Series: Coming to an Agreement, Spousal Maintenance

16. Safe Relationships Awareness Project
CLC/Agency: Inner City Community Legal Centre
Contact Person: Julie Howes
Jurisdiction: NSW
Date Added: 12-12-2014

LGBTI people escaping domestic violence experience compounded disadvantage and marginalisation, social isolation, and multiple legal issues. They are some of the most vulnerable and at-risk people in the NSW.

This CLE project involved the presentation of CLE sessions and the development of training resources regarding how to identify unsafe relationships and working with vulnerable LGBTIQ clients experiencing and escaping DFV, to workers from mainstream and specialist community and government services.

The CLE sessions ran for three to four hours. The CLE sessions were held in locations where there are known LGBTIQ communities and with partner organisations ranging from DV services, health services, LGBTIQ organisations...

17. Everyday-Law Website
CLC/Agency: Victoria Law Foundation
Contact Person: Elisa Berg
Jurisdiction: VIC
Date Added: 01-12-2014

Everyday-Law has been developed to help Victorians better understand the law and their legal system by providing the best, easy-to-understand legal information in one spot.

You can search the site to:

  • better understand your legal issues
  • find someone who can help without breaking the bank
  • understand how Victorian courts and the legal system work
  • learn how to resolve disputes in and out of court
18. Preparing for Court
CLC/Agency: Victoria Law Foundation
Contact Person: Elisa Berg
Jurisdiction: VIC
Date Added: 01-12-2014

Taking court action to sort out a legal issue should be your last resort. But if you have to go to court, it is a good idea to know what to expect. We have information here that will help you through the process.

19. Victorian Legal Directory
CLC/Agency: Victoria Law Foundation
Contact Person: Elisa Berg
Jurisdiction: VIC
Date Added: 01-12-2014

'Have a Legal Question?' has been developed by Everyday-Law to help Victorians better understand the law and their legal system by providing the best, easy-to-understand legal information in one spot. The best everyday legal information in one place.

20. Victorian Law Help Directory
CLC/Agency: Victoria Law Foundation
Contact Person: Elisa Berg
Jurisdiction: VIC
Date Added: 01-12-2014

The Everyday-Law Online Directory is a comprehensive list of organisations that provide free or low-cost legal advice and information to Victorians on a wide range of issues. Use it to get the right help for your legal questions.

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