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1. Get to Know your AVO
CLC/Agency: Intellectual Disability Rights Service
Contact Person: Janene Cootes
Jurisdiction: NSW
Date Added: 31-10-2017

The project set out to fill a gap in the information available for people with low literacy, learning disability or intellectual disability who are potential or actual defendants in the AVO applications or who have been charged or at risk of being charged with a breach of AVO. This aim was to be achieved by creating a resource which would assist this audience to better understand AVOs and the sort of behaviour that might lead to an AVO, the legal process and the options they need to consider if an AVO application is made against them, the practical implications of AVO conditions and the importance of complying with the conditions of an AVO and a the consequences of breaching an AVO. The resource is a short film with a cautionary duel ta...

2. Motor Vehicle Accident Problem Solver
CLC/Agency: Financial Rights Legal Centre
Contact Person: Drew MacRae
Jurisdiction: ACT WA NSW NT QLD SA TAS VIC Commonwealth
Date Added: 12-07-2017

The Motor Vehicle Accident Problem Solver can help people through the complications, pitfalls and hurdles of car insurance. Click on the Motor Vehicle Accident Problem Solver button, answer a few simple questions and the Problem Solver will lead you to the actions you should take and provide you with all advice, sample letters, detailed fact sheets you require. Available on your tablet, smart phone or desktop at, the Motor Vehicle Accident Problem Solver is accessible any time of the day to help answer some of the most common questions people face when they have an accident and are navigating the tricky insurance terrain.

3. Piano Forte
CLC/Agency: Suncoast Community Legal
Contact Person: Toni Wills
Date Added: 24-03-2017

Piano Forte is an educational theatre project that uses a fictional narrative to provide information about wills and Enduring Powers of Attorney whilst exploring the subtleties of elder abuse. It aims to arm seniors with legal information to help safeguard them from these types of abuse, as well as introduce the legal and support services available to help them.

4. Sample Letter Generator
CLC/Agency: Financial Rights Legal Centre
Contact Person: Julia Davis
Jurisdiction: NSW Commonwealth
Date Added: 07-03-2017

The new tool is an interactive letter generator that can help consumers, or community workers create professional and legal letters to send to financial service providers like banks, creditors and insurance companies. The tool is designed for consumers to use without assistance, and also for community workers to use with their clients. The insurance-related letters can be used all over Australia, but some of the letters about credit, debt and banking may only be applicable in NSW.

5. Aboriginal Wills Clinic
CLC/Agency: Murray Mallee Community Legal Service
Contact Person: Allie Collyer
Jurisdiction: NSW VIC
Date Added: 12-01-2017

A wills clinic was held at the local Aboriginal Coop for local community members. Our service liaised with the coop and did extensive promotion in the local community. The Federation of CLC's had worked hard to assist RRR CLC's with partnering with law forms. Gilbert + Tobin from Sydney provided 2 lawyers pro-bono to deliver an education session and complete instructions for wills and powers of attorney. 15 community members were assisted to complete 45 documents.

6. Below the belt
CLC/Agency: Victoria Legal Aid
Contact Person: Community Legal Education
Jurisdiction: ACT WA NSW NT QLD SA TAS VIC Commonwealth
Date Added: 09-09-2016

Victoria Legal Aid, in partnership with five legal aid commissions and two community legal centres, developed and released a native Android app called 'Below the belt'. The app was for young people and covered age of consent, consent, cyber-bullying and sexting.

7. Aboriginal Legal Service (NSW/ACT) Talking Fact Sheet Project
CLC/Agency: Aboriginal Legal Service (NSW/ACT)
Contact Person: Kate Finlayson
Jurisdiction: NSW
Date Added: 09-02-2016

Small groups of Aboriginal and Torres Strait young people in various communities are provided with basic film-making skills to enable them to devise, film and produce short films about legal issues that affect them in their communities, which are then distributed online through their networks.

8. Renting
CLC/Agency: Hunter Community Legal Centre
Contact Person: Bronwyn Ambrogetti
Jurisdiction: NSW
Date Added: 01-05-2015

Various resources available regarding:

  • Residential tenancy agreements, 
  • bonds and repairs for TAFE CALD advanced English students, 
  • plain English, power point with hand out summary, and 
  • examples of lease, bond form and condition report.

Please contact to obtain up-to-date copies of the resources available.

9. Law Music videos
CLC/Agency: Refugee and Immigration Legal Service (RAILS)
Contact Person: Robert Lachowicz
Jurisdiction: ACT WA NSW NT QLD SA TAS VIC Commonwealth
Date Added: 20-04-2015

Four music clips have been produced from original songs on a legal information CD called Folk Law.

  • ‘Storms’ is a 4-minute animated pop folk song about family violence. It shows in vivid imagery what defines family violence and support services available. 
  • ‘All Together’ is a funk-rap music clip about the history of law in Australia. 
  • ‘Making Law’ is a reggae song about the government system and how law is made and changed.
  • ‘Beat the Rap’ is a rap about our rights and responsibilities with police and courts.
10. Folk Law CD and Songbook
CLC/Agency: Refugee and Immigration Legal Service (RAILS)
Contact Person: Robert Lachowicz
Jurisdiction: ACT WA NSW NT QLD SA TAS VIC Commonwealth
Date Added: 20-04-2015

The CD contains 18 original songs about common legal problems; shopping, renting, credit, buying cars, driving, bulling, police, courts, family violence, work rights, dispute resolution and discrimination. The history of law, democracy, human rights and citizenship are also covered.

The Songbook contains song lyrics and chords for ukulele and guitar plus key information about the law and basic music theory. The songs cover a range popular music styles – reggae, rap, rock, folk, funk, soul, ska, cha cha cha, blues, country, calypso, klezmer, gospel and jazz. The songs can also be read as poems or rapped.

Four music clips have been made.

11. Social Housing Consultation - tenant video submissions
CLC/Agency: Kingsford Legal Centre
Contact Person: Edwina MacDonald
Jurisdiction: NSW
Date Added: 07-04-2015

We worked with local housing tenants to assist them make 10 video submissions and 6 written submissions to NSW Government’s Social Housing consultation. We offered a choice of formats because not all tenants feel comfortable expressing themselves in writing, and we wanted the Government to see and hear directly from tenants.

We developed resources and hosted a forum at a local community centre for 50 tenants to inform them about the consultation and making a submission. Staff and students assisted tenants write or record submissions. We developed consent processes for editing/sending in the submissions, and using stories in our submission.

The following resources are available for sharing:

PDF 12. Everyone has Human Rights, Understand Yours!
CLC/Agency: Queensland Advocacy Incorporated
Contact Person: Michelle O'Flynn
Jurisdiction: ACT WA NSW NT QLD SA TAS VIC Commonwealth
Date Added: 06-01-2015

This booklet is part of a project that aims to tell people with disability about their human rights. The project also aims to help people to find out if their human rights are being respected. 

"Human rights are the most important rights. Human rights belong to every person. This book tells you about your human rights. Knowing about your human rights is the first step towards having your rights respected."

13. Safe Relationships Awareness Project
CLC/Agency: Inner City Community Legal Centre
Contact Person: Julie Howes
Jurisdiction: NSW
Date Added: 12-12-2014

LGBTI people escaping domestic violence experience compounded disadvantage and marginalisation, social isolation, and multiple legal issues. They are some of the most vulnerable and at-risk people in the NSW.

This CLE project involved the presentation of CLE sessions and the development of training resources regarding how to identify unsafe relationships and working with vulnerable LGBTIQ clients experiencing and escaping DFV, to workers from mainstream and specialist community and government services.

The CLE sessions ran for three to four hours. The CLE sessions were held in locations where there are known LGBTIQ communities and with partner organisations ranging from DV services, health services, LGBTIQ organisations...

14. Not-for-profit Law Information Hub
CLC/Agency: Justice Connect
Jurisdiction: ACT WA NSW NT QLD SA TAS VIC Commonwealth
Date Added: 25-07-2014

Not-for-profit Law’s website has hundreds of legal information resources for not-for-profit community groups and organisations in all states and territories. Resources are written in simple language and cover a wide range of legal issues,  from starting up through to running an organisation and changing or ending an organisation. Topics include:

  •  Getting started
  • Running the organisation
  •  The people involved
  •  Seeking funds and holding events
  • Communications and advertising
  •  Important agreements
  • Reporting to government
  • Insurance and risk
  • Tax
  • Disputes and conflicts
  • Working with others, and
  • Full details | Visit website
15. Women Defendants to AVOs
CLC/Agency: Women's Legal Service NSW
Contact Person: Julia Mansour
Jurisdiction: NSW
Date Added: 17-06-2014

This report examines the experience of women victims of violence who are defendants to ADVOs in NSW.

16. When she talks to you about the violence
CLC/Agency: Women's Legal Service NSW
Contact Person: Natalie Neumann
Jurisdiction: NSW
Date Added: 23-04-2014

These resources assist doctors to respond better to patients who have experienced family violence. There is a toolkit with information and practical advice for doctors and a waiting room poster to let women know it is safe to disclose to their doctor. Some of the information in the toolkit is specific to NSW (such as references) but much is general for health workers anywhere.

17. Helping the Helpers
CLC/Agency: Redfern Legal Centre
Contact Person: Nick Manning
Jurisdiction: NSW
Date Added: 11-04-2014

A series of short training sessions for community workers delivered as both face-to-face workshops and as webinars.

18. Apprehended Violence Orders for NSW Housing tenants
CLC/Agency: Central Coast Community Legal Centre
Contact Person: Bronwyn Ambrogetti
Jurisdiction: NSW
Date Added: 11-04-2014

A presentation for NSW housing tenants regarding disputes with neighbors, Apprehended Violence Orders, and noise disputes.

19. Fines
CLC/Agency: Central Coast Community Legal Centre
Contact Person: Bronwyn Ambrogetti
Jurisdiction: NSW
Date Added: 11-04-2014

Information for young people regarding fines and the consequences of not paying.

20. Sexually transmitted debt
CLC/Agency: Central Coast Community Legal Centre
Contact Person: Bronwyn Ambrogetti
Jurisdiction: NSW
Date Added: 11-04-2014

Information for young people about debt that is transmitted through relationships and how to avoid sexually transmitted debt.

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